Logistics at ShelterBox: how do we get aid to the people that need it?

by Eleanor Knight 13th October 2020

In the era of coronavirus, the challenges of transporting aid around the world are greater than ever. In this article, our Logistics Co-Lead Rachel Hall, explains how we get aid to...


Preparing For a Busy Hurricane Season

by Eleanor Knight 16th September 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. While coronavirus gets a hold of the world but is yet to reach its global peak, extreme weather events are lurking.
Surviving Hurricane Maria: Caryl's Story


Surviving Hurricane Maria: Caryl’s Story

by Eleanor Knight 11th September 2020

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria made landfall as a Category 5 storm with wind speeds of 155mph. It destroyed all of the buildings in Dominica as it passed through the island and continued on...


Why information is vital in the fight against coronavirus in Paraguay

by Eleanor Knight 10th August 2020

The first time I visited Paraguay was in 2014, when heavy rain and flooding forced thousands of people to leave their homes.Within a few days of being there, I knew that this was going to be unlike...


2020 Vision: Q&A with ShelterBox Australia CEO, Mike Greenslade

by Eleanor Knight 22nd July 2020

To celebrate 20 years of ShelterBox, we sat down with our very own ShelterBox Australia CEO, Mike Greenslade to learn more about his experiences delivering emergency shelter and aid items to families...


How Has Our Disaster Response Work Changed During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

by Eleanor Knight 20th June 2020

ShelterBox has always benefitted from a global network of partnerships, and those relationships are more important than ever in the era of coronavirus.


Escaping Boko Haram Violence: Fatima’s Story

by Eleanor Knight 9th June 2020

Born in Nigeria, 37-year-old Fatima now lives in Minawao camp with her two young children Aisha and Burka. She shares her new home with thousands of families who, like her, fled to Cameroon to escape...


Black Lives Matter: A Statement from ShelterBox

by Eleanor Knight 3rd June 2020

At ShelterBox, we are committed to working with partners in an environment that promotes mutual understanding, cooperation, friendship, and peace. The events of the last week have only strengthened...


Responding during a pandemic – Working in partnership is in our DNA

by Eleanor Knight 29th May 2020

At ShelterBox, the idea that we can't do it alone is central to who we are. We have always focused on building lasting relationships and powerful partnerships so we can support the people who need us...


A Message from our CEO: Coronavirus Update

by Eleanor Knight 15th May 2020

At ShelterBox, we’re adapting how we work as the COVID-19 crisis creates a whole new level of risk for vulnerable families who have lost their homes.


Coronavirus: It’s not over until it’s over everywhere

by Eleanor Knight 4th May 2020

This global pandemic is changing all our lives. It’s our duty as humanitarians to help those least able to protect themselves.


No Ordinary Books. No Ordinary Book Club.

by Eleanor Knight 18th April 2020

Introducing ShelterBox Book Club – a unique community membership designed for Australians who share the love of a quality read.


5 Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus

by Eleanor Knight 15th April 2020

Like you, the team here at ShelterBox are concerned about the impact coronavirus is having on our lives and the world around us.

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Recovery in Mindanao: Veronica’s Story

by Eleanor Knight 5th April 2020

In October, 2019, Veronica and her community were affected by a chain of earthquakes that struck the remote region of Mindanao in the Philippines.


ShelterBox Condemns ‘moral failure on all sides’ in Syrian conflict as 900,000 flee

by Eleanor Knight 19th March 2020

More than 250,000 people caught up in the Syrian civil war have already received ShelterBox aid, since the charity first responded to the crisis in December 2012. This makes it the largest and most...


How Climate Change Affects People Through Natural Disaster

by Eleanor Knight 5th March 2020

Climate change poses a significant threat to humanity. It is a threat which can only be tackled with immediate global action.