A Message from our CEO: Coronavirus Update

by Eleanor Knight 15th May 2020

Let me begin by saying I hope you, your family and friends are keeping well.
Here in Australia, there is a chink of light at the end of the tunnel and a hope that the Coronavirus is finally under control. If we stay vigilant and continue to follow social distancing rules and hand-washing guidelines, the worse may be over.
Other countries and communities however, may not be so lucky.
At ShelterBox, we’re adapting how we work as the COVID-19 crisis creates a whole new level of risk for vulnerable families who have lost their homes.
The potential impact of the pandemic in places where we’re already working – like crowded camps and makeshift settlements in Syria, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso – is terrifying.
These are places more cramped than the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where the virus spread four times faster than it did in Wuhan.
In Burkina Faso, we’re working with partner HELP to reduce overcrowding in refugee camps.
Image ©Anne Mimault/HELP
These are places where many people are already vulnerable because of underlying health issues and limited food; where health care facilities are either non-existent or struggle to cope with demand at the best of times.
These are places where the impact of Coronavirus could be more devastating than anything we have seen so far.
In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, shelter is more important than ever.
Coronavirus is one of the biggest threats to humanity right now, but I also understand that things here in Australia remain a concern. If you have the ability to give at this time, then together we can make sure families around the world receive the emergency shelter they need, when they need it most.
Please, consider making a donation today to help limit the spread of Coronavirus in refugee camps and disaster-affected communities. Whatever you can spare will help by providing essential emergency shelter and vital supplies.
Stay safe.
Mike Greenslade 
CEO, ShelterBox Australia

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