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The number of people displaced worldwide reached the highest level ever recorded in 2019, but thanks to the determination of our partners, volunteers and global network of supporters, we were there for 145,000 people in nine countries.

We can’t replace what is lost, but emergency shelter can give families some sense of normality – it is a place to call home, the space to begin to recover.

We put families first. We are focused. We go further. We are global. We are ShelterBox.

Your impact is great

In 2019-20, families around the world saw their homes crumble after powerful earthquakes, cyclones and severe floods. Others had to abandon their homes, fleeing from life-threatening conflict — all while facing the serious added threat of coronavirus.

But, thanks to our incredible supporters, people who lost their homes to disasters received essential emergency aid.

Items like tools and tarpaulins helped build shelters and bring families together again. Mosquito nets and water filters helped mothers protect their children from vector and water-borne diseases.

With your ongoing support, we’ll continue to fight for a world where no family goes without shelter.

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What's important to us

We can’t do it alone

We are one big international team united in the belief that no family should go without shelter after disaster. We build lasting relationships and are good to each other.​

We make a tangible impact

Our purpose is simple and we want to keep it that way. We work in a complex world but we keep focused on making a real difference to peoples lives.​

We do the right thing

We strive to do the right thing. People are at the heart of everything we do. We have a responsibility to make the best decisions for the communities we support and listen to and learn from each other.​

We plan for tomorrow

We are forward-thinking. We continually seek new ways to tackle the challenges we face, proactively researching new ideas and adapting to changing circumstances. ​

Because … disasters don’t wait

Disasters don’t wait. So we step up, set priorities and trust our people to get things done. We expect the unexpected and adapt quickly.​ We plan for tomorrow, do the right thing and work together to make a tangible impact.

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Rotary Impact Report

Since our inception in 2000, ShelterBox has responded to disasters in the Philippines more than in any other country, and we have worked together with Rotary in every response.

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