A ShelterBox Story of Home

Last year Cyclone Idai hit southern Africa, washing away entire villages like Mwalija in Malawi.

Having lost everything after Cyclone Idai, Stephano and Mary were determined to rebuild their livelihoods, together with the rest of the community in Mwalija. Their story is one of recovery.

As for now, the sun rises. One goes to the farm, one stays at the house and the children go to school. Life is getting restored. Now we are living on higher land, we are living without worries. I feel at home, without any hesitation.


Hear their story

When we returned to Malawi to visit some of the communities we had supported, we wanted to understand what the recovery process has been like.

Joined by renowned photographer, Sian Davey, and filmmaker Benn Berkley, we documented Mwalija village’s journey of self-recovery.

The series captures everyday activities that have been re-established, including baptisms, going to school, community meetings, the local shop, and of course, play and relaxing together.

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