Syria - ongoing conflict

Turkey has launched an offensive in north-eastern Syria. As warplanes bomb parts of the region and tanks arrive at the border, families face even more suffering.

We are working with our trusted partners in Syria, supporting families caught up in the latest fighting in the northeast. 

We are providing family-sized tents with winter liners for warmth, along with five sleeping mats per family.

Working through local partners, we have supported over 50,000 families affected by the conflict in Syria and Iraq since 2012. This makes it the largest and most sustained response in our 19-year history. But the need is as urgent as ever. It is estimated that up to 160,000 are now being forced to flee because of the conflict, with that number expected to rise.  

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Category 5 Hurricane Dorian has levelled destruction across the Bahamas. It’s estimated that 13,000 homes have been damaged, infrastructure has been severely disrupted and communication lines are down.

After supporting shelter coordination within the Bahamas response, our teams have left the country. But our work in the Bahamas will not stop. We will stay in contact with Rotary, the Government and other organisations. And we will be ready to return if we have a part to play in future plans.   

Dorian is the first major hurricane of the 2019 Hurricane Season with more expected over the coming months.


Since 9 July 2019, heavy monsoon rains have triggered flooding in the low-lying areas of Bangladesh. Around one-third of the country is now underwater. 

Floods and landslides have damaged roads and vital infrastructure leaving thousands of people stranded and without electricity. More than 66,000 homes have been destroyed.

We have a team in the country working with Rotary, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) and other humanitarian organisations.

We will aim to support families who have been affected the most. Distributions are due to begin soon.

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Months of torrential rain have caused severe flooding in the capital of Paraguay, forcing entire communities to move to higher grounds to survive.

The unusually heavy rain has been linked to the climate pattern El Niño, displacing nearly 20,000 families who urgently need shelter and essential aid.

We have worked with our partners and local authorities to support families who have lost their homes. Distributions are now complete, with over 2,000 families receiving vital aid.

Somaliland - Drought

Fatima told us that the drought had hit the family hard and they lost everything: “We are farmers, we used to farm the land and produce crops for food, but due to the lack of rain over the recent years, we didn’t have any products from the farm."

Severe drought in Somaliland has affected an estimated 766,000 people since November 2016.

Over the last three years the drought has killed up to 80% of the region’s livestock. This has had a devastating effect for thousands of families who rely on livestock farming, forcing them to flee their homes in search of better grazing land. 

We have worked closely with our partner ActionAid to support families affected by the severe drought, with essential items like tarpaulins and rope. 

We have supported over 4,000 families so far, and we’re currently working to see whether we can undertake more projects in the area in the future.  

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Conflict in Cameroon

Since 2009, Boko Haram has been waging an insurgency in Northern Nigeria. The violence has since spread to the neighbouring regions of Niger, Chad and Cameroon. 

Around 10.7 million people in the Lake Chad region are in need of relief assistance. 2.4 million people are estimated to have been displaced and perpetual insecurity continues to drive displacement.

In Cameroon, a new project is supporting families with tents, shelter kits and other essential aid items. In Nigeria, we will be working again with our partner ACTED to support internally displaced families.


In Ethiopia, severe flooding and conflict have forced people to leave their homes.

Nearly one million people have been forced to flee because of violent conflicts in the Guji-Gedo zone since April 2018.

Severe flooding has also left thousands of families without homes. These rains have continued, triggering recurrent flooding and landslides. 

With the support of our partner, we have supported over 3,000 families in total so far. But our work is far from over; our next project starting soon will support over 1,000 more families.

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