Over the last month, planes have bombed more towns and villages in Syria, forcing thousands of families to flee unimaginable danger.

Many civilians have been killed in these latest attacks on hospitals and schools, and over 300,000 people have fled their homes. Some parents and their children are sheltering under trees. They are stuck, driven from their homes but unable to leave the country.

The UN Human Rights chief has said the rising death toll had been met with ‘a collective shrug’.

But we won’t turn away. Working with our trusted partners, we have provided aid to 250,000 people across Syria and its neighbouring countries – but it’s not enough.
With your support, we can help more people.

Syria is not the only country affected by brutal conflict like this. We are responding to conflicts around the world – like the Lake Chad Basin, where thousands are fleeing violence associated with Boko Haram.
Please help us support families in crisis around the world.


When our partner ReliefAid met Umm and her family, they had been living in the open in the intense summer heat for two weeks.

‘Our village was subjected to heavy shelling, which we could not have survived. We had hoped that we would never have to leave our home that we have always lived in.

‘My children are very sad because they have left their home and their schools. They struggle to cope with the situation here…Their wish is to return home as soon as possible.’

Working with ReliefAid, we supported Umm’s family with emergency shelter including tarpaulins, mattresses, blankets, water containers, cooking equipment, solar lamps and mosquito nets.

Help us reach more family’s like Umm’s today.

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