Phuleswari’s Story of Recovery

by Eleanor Knight 22nd May 2021

When Cyclone Amphan hit India, it destroyed Phuleswari’s home and much of what she owned. The rains devastated the entire region, with floodwaters coming up to Phuleswari’s knees. The storm left the family with nothing.

Phuleswari was able to escape with her children to safety but when they returned to their house, there was very little home to come back to:

‘‘The children’s clothes were swept away during the storm, they even lost some of their books, we had to borrow some from other kids so they could continue to study’’

During the storm, a tree collapsed and nearly crushed the house with everyone in it.

“My daughters were scared and crying. I took them in my arms to calm them down.” Phuleswari managed to get her family to a safer space at one of their neighbour’s houses ‘‘It was one of the best decisions, because soon after that asbestos started falling off the roof, which could have taken our lives’’.

As the floodwaters receded, Phuleswari and her children needed emergency shelter to survive in the aftermath of the storm. Phuleswari and her family were provided with tarpaulins, ropes and tools. As well as being provided emergency shelter Phuleswari was given household items

‘‘My daughters have been so happy using the plates and knives, for us all, these are very new’’.

Phuleswari has been a pillar of strength for her neighbours too, generously sharing and cooking food even when she has so little herself.

“Everybody wants a beautiful home for themselves. A home is a place for shelter and support. Throughout the entire day no matter where we are, we all want to come back home. A place for shelter, where the entire family can safely stay together and live happily.”

– – –

Every day your support allows us to give emergency shelter and essential aid items to families facing the worst hours of their lives — families just like Phuleswari’s.

From all of us at ShelterBox, thank you.

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