2018 in numbers

Thank you for supporting ShelterBox this year

Your impact

How you have helped families affected by disaster this year

This year, you’ve made a huge impact.

Your amazing support has helped over 210,000 peoplearound the world who have been affected by natural disaster and conflict.

…that’s over 30,000 families supported with emergency shelter aid and other essential household items

…and a further 12,000 families supported with essential household items including blankets, mosquito nets, solar lights, cooking sets, water carriers and water filters.

How you have helped families affected by disaster this year


Your support has provided families with the essential aid they need to start rebuilding their lives after disaster.

Each disaster is different, and so is every community. We don’t believe that one size fits all, so we spend time talking to affected families to make sure we provide the right support at the right time. 


for when families can’t start rebuilding their homes immediately, our tents provide the safe space they need. 

Solar lights

help create safe environments where families can pick up their daily routine.

Clean water

providing families with water containers and purification equipment to access safe, clean water.

Securing families in need

You have helped families like Erti's recover after the devastating earthquakes that hit Indonesia, and Abdou's after Boko Haram attacked their village.


From earthquakes in Indonesia to the ongoing conflict in Syria, thousands of families have been affected by natural disasters and conflict in 2018.

You’ve helped us respond 18 times to different disasters, helping families to rebuild their lives and their homes. Take a look below at the different types of disasters we responded to or find out where we are currently working.

8 conflict responses

You’ve helped us provide emergency shelter to families in Syria, Iraq, Chad, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Ethiopia a sense of security and peace.

4 tropical cyclones

Tropical cyclones damaged homes and livelihoods in Indonesia and the Philippines but your support has helped families rebuild their homes and their lives.

2 floods

Families were affected by flooding which destroyed their homes in Ethiopia and Kenya but your support has provided shelter to those most in need.

2 earthquakes

Your support helped us provide shelter to families in Indonesia after an earthquake in Sulawesi caused a tsunami and landslides. This came less than 2 months after an earthquake struck Lombok island.

1 drought

Drought has continued to cause displacement of families in Somaliland since 2016, but thanks to you, we’re ensuring families have sturdy shelter and space for their cattle.

1 volcanic activity

After Fuego volcano spewed lava, ash, rocks and deadly hot gas onto hillside villages in Guatemala, your support helped to provide families with tents which were used to give privacy and preserve dignity.


This year, you have helped our teams go further, reaching families across 17 countries around the world.

We do whatever it takes to support the vulnerable families who are affected by conflict and natural disaster.

Our teams travel by foot, boat, helicopter or even tuk-tuk to get there. Whatever it takes.


We couldn’t do what we do without the amazing support of our partners and incredible volunteers who go above and beyond to help families who have lost so much.

They share our belief in a world where no family is without shelter when disaster strikes, and support us in making this a reality. Their support comes in many forms, including fundraising, volunteering and help in getting our aid to the people who need it most.

1,120 volunteer days

Our Volunteer Response Team Members have given an incredible 1,120 days of their time, energy and skill, leaving their own families to help provide emergency shelter and vital support to families around the world who have lost so much.

10 Rotary supported responses

We are proud to be an official project partner of Rotary International. Local Rotary groups and Rotarians around the world have helped families in almost all of our 10 responses to natural disasters.

This year, we’ve worked with thousands of families who have lost their homes and livelihoods through disaster.

With 85 million people around the world now displaced because of natural disaster or conflict, there are more people displaced globally than at any other time in recorded history.

With no end of disaster or conflict in sight, we continue to work tirelessly to provide vulnerable people with the emergency shelter and supplies needed to bring shelter, warmth, and recovery.

Your generosity has made a vast difference in the lives of families who lack the basic resources they need to begin to rebuild their lives and communities.

Thank you.

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