Your impact in 2022

See how your support has helped change lives

In 2022, extreme weather events and the crisis in Ukraine created significant need for emergency shelter support across the world.

In the Philippines we supported 100,000 people after Super Typhoon Rai devastated whole communities. Having large quantities of aid in our Cebu warehouse, along with an experienced in-country team, meant we were ready to help when it was needed most.

When the war started in Ukraine in February, we were able to quickly arrange three separate projects, helping people fleeing to Moldova, as well as people staying in collective centres and in damaged homes in Ukraine.

We also started a programme in Yemen and worked on projects in Pakistan, Mozambique, Syria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. We couldn’t have done it without you – our amazing supporters.


Meet the people you helped

Ginalyn – the Philippines

Ginalyn’s house was completely destroyed after Super Typhoon Rai. Despite having a cement foundation and iron roof, the storm took everything.

“Everything was gone…the roof, walls everything. Nothing was left.”

ShelterBox provided emergency shelter and other essential items to over 100,000 people after the typhoon. Ginalyn’s family received a shelter kit, including tools, rope, nails and a solar light.

Thanks to your support, Ginalyn’s family can look to the future. “We plan to rebuild our house and continue farming and planting our crops. We are very thankful for the materials that we received because without it we wouldn’t have a place to stay.”

Ruslan and Marina – Ukraine

In February 2022, the outbreak of war in Ukraine shocked the world.

When their neighbour’s house was hit by an airstrike, Ruslan and Marina fled Kyiv. Thankfully they were not home at the time of the second strike.

Eventually Ruslan returned to his home to try and fix the damage: “I needed to repair the roof and drain the water because everywhere was full of holes.”

With our partner ReliefAid, we supported Ruslan with tarpaulin, hammers, nails, ropes, as well as thermal blankets to keep warm.

“We use everything every day. Not just us, but the other people in our village who need to do repairs. I don’t know what we would have done without ShelterBox and ReliefAid’s help.”

Kaltoumi – Cameroon

Kaltoumi arrived in Minawao camp in Cameroon eight years ago, after Boko Haram attacked her village. Thankfully she was joined a few weeks later by her husband who miraculously survived.

Thanks to your incredible support, we have been helping Kaltoumi since she first arrived in the camp.

“When I arrived here, I had no belongings. I have received some necessary tools after my first tent that allowed me to equip my home and therefore avoid certain expenses.”

ShelterBox has been the sole provider of tents at Minawao camp since 2015. In 2022 we included items like solar lights, groundsheets, mosquito nets, water filters and carriers, and hygiene kits, allowing families to start to set up a new home. Our data shows that our emergency shelter aid helps to improve both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Strategy 2022-2017

Building on the solid foundations of the last 22 years, in 2022 we launched our new five-year strategy that will see ShelterBox become even more focused on the impact emergency shelter can have for people after disaster and conflict.

We will do this in partnership with others for maximum reach, and with the good of everyone in mind, as we seek to do no harm to people or our planet.

Thank you

In these challenging times, we are grateful for your support – without it, we wouldn’t be able to reach vulnerable families.

We don’t know what the next disaster will be, but with your help we know we will be ready.