Nowhere To Go

In Syria, children are the worst affected

An Uncertain Future

The conflict in Syria has now entered its eighth year. What started out as a peaceful protest in 2011 has since erupted into an all-out war.

The internationally backed power struggle between government forces and a disparate mix of opposition groups, including Islamic State, continues with no end in sight.

After seven long years of prolonged violence, Syria’s future is as uncertain now as it was when the fighting first broke out. The future of millions of families still hangs in the balance.


Right now, we’re providing aid to families who have left their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

We’re providing shelter to families with houses left in tatters by bombs and fighting.

But there are millions more living in Syria and neighbouring countries like Iraq who have no shelter, nowhere to go and no hope for the future.

We’re working to change this. We are impatient to see a world where no family is left without shelter – but we need your support.

The situation is the worst I’ve seen it in years. Families are fighting for survival.

– Sam Hewett, ShelterBox Operations Coordinator

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