Sell a house, give a home

Make a difference for families displaced by disasters and conflict

Real estate agents around Australia are joining together with ShelterBox to help families affected by disaster through donating to provide emergency shelter and aid items for each home they sell.

Not only are these amazing realtors helping Australian families find a new home, but they are also providing emergency shelter and tools for displaced families around the world. Together, we’re transforming despair into hope.

Shelter is more than just a roof – it’s a home. It’s the foundation for life, for families, for communities.

ShelterBox works directly with communities to provide customised aid to help families recover. Our aid is more than a canvas roof overhead or a warm blanket to wrap a child in. It’s a good night’s sleep after what has felt like a nightmare. It’s the only home a family may have for weeks, months, or even longer.

But most of all, it’s a safe place to call home and the ability to restart.



Thousands of families are forced from their homes every day by wars, conflicts and disasters.

The donation you give for every home you sell will cover the cost and delivery of a high-quality shelter aid for families facing their darkest hours.

ShelterBox will provide you with access to logos, banners, customizable information cards and more to promote your involvement with your clients and community.

By joining this initiative you will not only be helping to ensure no family is left without shelter, but you’ll also have a unique point of difference from other agents, helping you stand out in your community and gain clients.

87% of consumers said they would be willing to buy a product or service based on a company’s advocacy concerning a social matter. – Forbes


For each home sold, you choose your donation amount:

  • $100 provides a ShelterKit, filled with heavy duty tarps, tools and building materials to repair a home
  • $500 provides a family tent which can withstand 100km/hr winds and monsoon rains
  • $1,000 provides a full ShelterBox tent package, filled with durable shelter and all the supplies people need to recover such as blankets, solar lights, kitchen sets and more
  • Choose your own donation amount based off a percentage of your commission per sale.


Diane’s baby, Yokimi was just three months old when Cyclone Winston hit Fiji.

When the cyclone swept through Tokou, families sheltered in the community centre. As they waited for the storm to pass, they saw corrugated iron fly off roofs, possessions scattered and whole homes reduced to cement foundations.

There was no way to rest in the community centre, as the cyclone created such a big storm surge that the water came up to people’s chests. Parents had to hold their children up in the air in order to keep them safe.

Diane’s home and their possessions were completely destroyed. Because of people like you, ShelterBox was able to provide Diane a tent and the supplies she needed to restart.

I’m so happy to have a tent – to have a safe place of our own to sleep.

Diane, Fiji


Our team is ready and waiting with all of the assets you need to start your ‘Sell a House, Give a Home’ journey today. Please email our CEO, Mike Greenslade to have a personal chat and kickstart your partnership with ShelterBox today.