Driven from their home

The Syrian Conflict

Om is 65-years-old and lives in Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city. Her husband and son were killed by an air strike on their house one year ago. Their house turned into rubble. 

She and the remainder of her family now live in an empty house given by neighbours.  They have no income and depend on the help of neighbours and ReliefAid, our partners in Syria.

The family uses an oil lamp for illumination, as they have no electricity. They buy water from a peddler, as they have no plumbing. They use wood to make a fire for cooking, as they have no stove.  

When we asked Om about her life, she remembered her husband and son, and started to cry. When we asked her about her dreams for the future, she wished for end the war and the return of her husband and son – alive and safe.

Om's story in Syria

The home that they live is cold and uncomfortable. But the conflict in the country has left so many homes damaged or destroyed, that they have no other choice.

Om told us that along with food and a steady source of income, the things she needs most, are essentials like blankets to keep the family warm.

We were able to provide Om and her family with a ShelterKit tailored to their needs, including mattresses and blankets to make their shelter more of a home. 

Om's story of the Syrian conflict

However, there are many people in Syria that don’t even have the luxury of a roof over their head. There are thousands more families like Om’s that need our support.

With help from generous people like you, we can reach more families in Syria and make lives a little more comfortable in a time of turbulence.

Learn more about how you can help families like Om’s by clicking here.

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