Forced to flee

Ali's Story

Before the conflict reached his village, Ali supported his family by working in farming. After so-called Islamic State arrived, things became so bad because of their brutal practices and air raids, that the family was forced to leave to find a safer area.

In order to save their children’s lives, Ali and his wife moved their family out of their village and into the countryside where the camp is, a place where they can live safely. 

Ali said the journey there was extremely risky: ‘It was like death. We stayed for a whole month walking on our feet without having any food. We had no transportation to take us all that distance.

“After we arrived here, we felt very comfortable because we were safe, and we met many people who have faced the same suffering. After a while, things improved significantly, especially after we were provided with a tent and household items”

Ali's Story - Conflict in Syria

Now things are all easier, we just lack some other materials, such as electricity, detergent and clothes.

When asked if the family intends to return to their village and what they wish for the future, Ali said: ‘My return is impossible before our village becomes liberated from the control of so-called Islamic State, so now we intend to stay in the camp. But I hope that in the future peace will return to my village one day, and that I will meet my family, friends and neighbours again.’

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